Indiana Elite Havoc Family!!!

    Indiana Flight West 20

    Coach Jason Myers

    2019 ROSTER

    Indiana Elite Havoc 21

    Coach Jason Myers

    2020 ROSTER

    Indiana Elite 17U Gold

    Coach Dan Gates & Brian Stewart

    2020 ROSTER

    Indiana Elite Havoc 23

    Coach Dave Tingley & Andrew Noble

    2020 ROSTER

    2020 SEASON

    Indiana Elite Havoc 24

    Coach Jensen Bess

    2020 ROSTER

    Indiana Elite Havoc 25

    Coach David Gouard & Dave Triplett

    2020 ROSTER

    Indiana Elite Havoc 26

    Coach Kris Bell & Jason Beck

    2020 Roster

    Indiana Elite Havoc 27

    Coach Ryan Kraemer & Michael Correll

    2020 ROSTER


    Indiana Elite Practice Schedule: Click on Court to Download

    " Success is where preparation and opportunity meet!"

    "SUCCESS later depends on building the correct foundation now! Kids MUST be coachable, must be self-disciplined and must be PASSIONATE!


    "Potential means NOTHING. There are tons of players that had it and didn't amount to much. You must WORK to realize that potential!"

    " Playing time is a PRIVILEGE, not a right. Minutes this season will be earned or lost in PRACTICE! WORK!! Don't waste your opportunities!"

    "“A winner is someone who recognizes their God-given talents, works their tail off to develop them into skills, and uses these skills to accomplish their goals.”
    Larry Bird !"

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